Our Methodology

Our Methodology

The Five Moments of Need

Designed by Dr. Conrad Gottfredson, a leading expert on performance support, the Five Moments of Need© is a framework that posits that there are five primary moments of need employees face in the learning and performance life cycle. The Five Moments of Need© are parsed into two phases.

Acquisition of Knowledge
The first and second Moments of Need are aligned with the more traditional modes of learning and training.

  1. When Learning for the First Time
  2. When Wanting to Learn More

Application of Knowledge
The remaining three Moments of Need are directly aligned with performance support.

3. When Trying to Apply and/or Remember
4. When Something Goes Wrong
5. When Something Changes

When implementing Performance Support we stick to a strict methodology which provides business users with increasing levels of information as needed. The Performance Support Pyramid below represents our unique methodology allowing users to drill-down to increasing levels of support:

alt text

Ontuitive understands that there is still a need for traditional skills and competencies training in the learning and performance life cycle. What performance support provides is an avenue for your employees to learn and work at the same time.

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